So what’s with the potato sack?

Bill Bancroft bought the sack while in the Peace Corps working with subsistence farmers in Bolivia. It’s no ordinary potato sack. The yarn is hand-spun and hand-dyed. Hand-woven on a primitive loom. Made to last…to survive heat, rain, ice and all manner of abuse. The potato sack is a metaphor for Bill’s connection to a lifetime of experiences serving people, teams and organizations. The warp represents servant as leader; the weft leader as servant. It’s all about the warp and weft coming together to form the fabric to reveal strategic solutions, to help leaders create durable environments where folks can do their best work.

Check out our blog "Potato Sack Chronicles™" for Bill's insights and musings about change, strategy, people development, process improvement, teaming, leadership, culture, implementation and other issues. 

Revealing Strategic SolutionsSM

Your organization is at a critical crossroads and the directional signals are undecipherable. Which way to go? Conbrio Consulting is there to help make sense of the situation, to reveal strategic solutions to take the best path forward.

We can help if you are...

  • Sick of failing to execute your plans
  • Eager to get everyone focused on a single vision all can embrace
  • Seeking to kick-start people and teams to move them from just OK to high performance
  • Ready to amp up innovation to stay ahead of the pack
  • Seeking how best to develop the next generation of your leaders
  • Prepared to contemplate and execute your exit strategy
  • Wondering how to move the needle of your organization’s culture from toxic to constructive

Since 2002, we have worked with companies and organizations on strategy, culture, people development, and execution challenges. 

Led by Managing Principal Bill Bancroft, we deploy the team, skill sets, processes and tools to reveal the set of strategic solutions best suited to your specific need.  We work with small and large teams at multiple organization levels.