Austin Industries

For several individuals in the private and not-for-profit sectors, including some participating in a leadership development program at Austin Industries, Conbrio Managing Principal Bill Bancroft has provided executive coaching. Those he coaches generally fall into two categories.  First, people in their 30s, who’ve achieved success through their technical abilities.  Their challenge is to pivot to effective leadership and management.  But professional schools don’t teach those skills.  Second, people in their 60s who are retiring, perhaps selling a company or handing it over to younger family members.  They’re lost finding what to do in their next life stage.  Using a combination of assessments and one-on-one meetings once or twice a month, Bill has helped individuals set goals, tune in to their current reality, imagine options and take the next steps.  This comment captures what several have said about their coaching experience:  “The time spent with Bill has had one of the highest levels of impact on my leadership growth thus far. We spoke at least once a month, always went over the allotted time, and each time our conversation left me motivated and challenged. The personal insight was powerful and helpful. For several years I’ve been focused on personal growth and leadership development. I’ve read books, attended conferences, and talked with other leaders. But Bill has coached me into a completely different level of learning…because of the significant level of leadership growth I’ve experienced with Bill, I plan to personally pay to continue” working with him.