Global 15 law firm

For a Global 15 law firm, over three years, Conbrio designed and delivered a comprehensive leadership development program, including individual assessments of participants, development of a leadership model, team development, scenario and strategic planning, idea innovation for thriving in each of the scenarios, sales process and training to pursue work in teams, storyboarding and presentations.  Participants were young partners in the firm.  The program was delivered against a backdrop of slow, yet substantial change in the legal industry slowing or stopping the growth of the world’s largest firms known as Big Law. Technology has spawned a new type of firm that processes the mountains of legal paper and other tasks at a fraction of the cost.  General counsels are utilizing those firms more frequently. The program design was in part aimed at making participants aware of the changes and challenging them to think how they might counter them.  The program ended with a presentation to firm senior partners explaining learning, findings and recommendations for how the firm could be prepared to better compete in the future.  A typical comment for a participant:  “I came away from the program with a much stronger sense of ownership and empowerment. I always felt ownership for my own career and loyalty to the Firm, but I never felt as if I could take actions that could have an impact on the Firm.  The program brought the future into focus and made me realize my actions, or inaction, can have tremendous impact. I was given the tools to accomplish my goals.  (Before the program) we were never told what was expected of us, and we never received any training to accomplish it.  I feel better
prepared and more confident.”