KWA Transitional Leadership

For KWA construction, Conbrio Managing Principal Bill Bancroft worked with the owner to prepare and finally transfer leadership to the younger generation.  The preparation took place over two to three years and involved several discussions to overcome a variety of issues to ready the owner to give up responsibilities and the younger generation to take them on.  Over several years, in addition to succession planning, Conbrio designed and led projects including strategic planning, values development, assessments of owners’ leadership and skills abilities, process improvement and team building. The transfer of responsibility to the younger leaders was successful and the cumulative effect of projects continues to yield results, including strong financial results.


There’s no question Bill has set us up to be successful in the future. He has deep and sound processes. He has helped us stay focused on our new strategies and been a reliable source of knowledge in implementing those strategies. When we’ve had questions, he’s been there to guide us. His experience shows through in the depth of discussions we’ve had on a wide variety of management topics.

Keller Webster – President, KWA Construction