Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute

For the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute, Conbrio designed and led several projects.  In its first years, Conbrio designed and led day-long workshops for the board chair, executive director and staff to talk through strategy and agree on the plans for the year.  It designed and led one of the institute’s board meetings and it led an organizational design project, including making several recommendations for change.  In every case Conbrio’s work answered important institute problems.  How to get the management team on the same page.  Given a new Chief Executive Officer, how to get the board to approve and embrace the strategic plan.  Given the arrival of additional management team members, how to pull together and manage disparate activities and start new initiatives.  In delivering the projects, Conbrio drew, as appropriate, from its tools and processes around team building and strategy.  More specifically, in the case of the organizational design project, Conbrio provided research on the latest thinking on organizing and leading different types of teams. In project workshops, Conbrio used graphic recording to spark creative thinking and more efficiently manage the discussions.  Project outcomes in all instances put people on the same page, led to solutions implementation and moved the organization forward.