Effective Leaders Capture the Unused Ideas

Bill Bancroft People Development, White Papers

Ever wonder what happened to the unused ideas germinated on the way to finding the solution to your project? Where did they go? Did anyone save them? Because experience shows there could be gold in those ideas. Keeping those unused ideas is the leader’s job. While a team is focused on narrowing down the number and scope of ideas in …

Is Top Down Falling Down? YES!

Logan Monaco Culture, People Development, Potato Sack Chronicles

By Logan Monaco, MS Conbrio Associate Is top-down falling down? It is, the evidence shows. Slowly, but pervasively. Hierarchy is still the norm in many organizations. Diagram the structure and you have a pyramid. Levels of people are arranged into fixed teams. The responsibility for teams is the manager’s, the person who sits above them. Each of the levels supports …

Getting Past Loggerheads

Bill Bancroft Culture, White Papers

Ever found yourself in a standoff? You’re at loggerheads. Neither you nor your colleague will budge. There seems to be no way forward. Think of the issue as a straight line and the standoff puts you at one end and your colleague at the other. It seems like the only way forward is compromise, that is, to meet somewhere in …

Humans As Interchangeable Parts: A Look Into The Future

Logan Monaco People Development, Potato Sack Chronicles

Humans are adept inventors. Our ability to make and repurpose the different elements of our environment to suit our needs has brought us a long way – from sparking two rocks together for fire to manned space flight. Creativity and innovation, it can be argued, have made our lives better. Interchangeable parts is one such innovation. Think autos, modular furniture …

Is Your Strategic Plan A Gem Or A Dog?

Bill Bancroft Potato Sack Chronicles, Strategy

With 2018 around the corner, it’s planning season for many organizations. Some will update existing strategic plans; others will start from scratch. What does a good plan look like? I’ve seen both dogs and gems. I’ve collected several as part of working with organizations to help write their plans. Interestingly, some of the dogs worked really well. And some of …

Strategic Visioning: Are Your Maps Right?

Bill Bancroft Potato Sack Chronicles, Strategy

I’m wondering as you do your strategic planning for 2018 and beyond what data you’re using to drive your mapmaking.

Island California

Figuratively speaking, is your data producing a map like the 1701 version of North America made by Dutch cartographer Hermon Moll? Moll’s showed California as an island off the west coast.

World of Strategy: A Complex Place

Bill Bancroft Potato Sack Chronicles, Strategy

Write the word “strategic.” Now put any of the following after it… planning, visioning, thinking, conversation. Throw these words in the mix: scenario, catalyst, implementation. What do you get? Something you believe in? Or something that falls short? The world of strategy is a complex place …with believers on all sides of the concept. Everyone seems to agree on one …

Who Really Matters in Your Company, Organization

Bill Bancroft Culture, Potato Sack Chronicles

Who REALLY matters, what REALLY matters in your company or organization? Do customers come first? Or employees? Are values the centerpiece? Or open communication, or support for entrepreneurialism, or collaborative leadership. Now, be honest. The answer may be none of the above. Unless your company or organization is an exception, it’s the CEO who comes first, followed by his lieutenants. …