The Staubach Company

For The Staubach Company, before it was acquired by JLL, Conbrio designed and led a project to bring Staubach closer to DTZ, its partner in Europe and Asia.  The project culminated in a three-day, café-style meeting where 80 people sitting at small tables each equipped with a computer mulled over a series of questions and then answered them on the computer so the rest of the people in the room could see the answers. As they worked through the questions, as well as participating in other exercises, participants from around the world were able to make a strong case for a variety of initiatives. They ended by writing suggested action plans.  Conbrio designed and led a similar project for Habitat for Humanity International, including 140 participants from affiliates across the U.S. and senior leaders from headquarters.  Also for The Staubach Company, Conbrio advised and collaborated on creation of company-wide marketing strategies, including conceiving the idea of a 12-touch program. Work included implementation of some elements. The strategies helped the company better organize its marketing effort, more effectively communicate its problem-solving expertise and, ultimately, strengthen its position among real estate firms as the company of choice to provide full service answers to complex real estate problems.


I asked Bill and his team at Conbrio to deliver two different strategy projects, one in the private, the other in the not-for-profit sector. The results were outstanding. They made people ready to move forward quickly and effectively. The strategy projects were the most recent in a string of various projects that I’ve done with him over several years. Ideas he first introduced to The Staubach Company when we began working together have stood the test of time. They were so pivotal to the success of our marketing program we institutionalized them, making them a part of our sales and marketing culture.

Ka Cotter – Retired Vice Chairman, The Staubach Company