Processes and Tools

Some firms offer a one approach and one approach only solution. We do the opposite.

A magic wand, a silver bullet. Too bad there isn’t one. Life would be so much easier. We could help you be enormously successful right now…effortlessly.

Some firms offer a one approach and one approach only solution. We do the opposite. We figure out your unique situation. Why you’ve reached your crossroads, the problems and implications, ways you want to go, the payoff for getting there and your desired speed to move forward.

Then we mix, and match proven, quality processes and tools. And we form a client team of experienced people with proven records delivering the processes and tools. We work this way because some processes and tools are stronger in fostering solutions for some problems, others for other problems. And some people are stronger than others in delivering processes and tools. Team members hold certifications in many of processes and tools we use.

It’s important to highlight that we work visually. It’s one of our differentiators. We do so because the brain processes visuals in ways that make working in teams more effective. Whether with individuals or groups, we use templates, graphic recording, story maps and other visual tools, often asking participants to pick up markers and join in the problem-solving.

Processes and tools we use:

  • Design Thinking methodology and tools. Design Thinkers Group.
  • Entrepreneurial Operating System methodology and tools.
  • Scenario development and planning process and tools. Global Business Network
  • Strategic visioning process and tools. The Grove Consultants International. Certified instructor.
  • Leadership Impact/Management Impact assessment. Human Synergistics. Certified to administer
  • Organization Effectiveness Inventory/Organization Culture Inventory. Certified to administer.
  • Target Training International DISC, Motivator, Emotional Intelligence assessments.
  • The World Café process and tools.
  • Technology of Participation facilitation and strategic planning methodologies and tools
  • Quality Texas Foundation Baldridge process. Examiner.
  • LearningConnect process and tools. AH HA! Consulting.
  • Drexler-Sibbet Team Performance model and assessment.