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Where are you headed? If you don’t really know, any road will get you there. So says Lewis Carroll in the classic Alice in Wonderland. Some know where they want to end up, but don’t know how to get there. Some know how to get there, but don’t know where they want to end up. Some don’t know either.

On the one hand, people say there’s nothing new under the sun. On the other, people say everything has changed and will change again and again in the next few years. All of which means context makes figuring out where you’re headed that much more problematic.

What we deliverChallenges you may be facing
Strategic visioning and planningArticulating a clear, overall outcome
Business modelingCreating, analyzing multiple possibilities
Scenarios creationLooking at multiple, possible environments both positive and negative
Facilitated focus groups and surveysQualitative and quantitative understanding of what customers, citizens need and want
Innovation workshops and projectsMoving from A+B problem solving to out-of-the-box thinking