Who Conbrio Serves

If you and your organization are thriving, it’s clear you’re good at what you do.  But when you hit the crossroads, where you find it difficult to decipher the path to take, you would not be alone.  In fact, you’d have plenty of company.

We can help if you are

    • Sick of failing to execute your plans
    • Eager to get everyone focused on a single vision all can embrace
    • Seeking to kick-start people and teams to move them from just OK to high performance
    • Ready to amp up innovation to stay ahead of the pack
    • Seeking how best to develop the next generation of your leaders
    • Prepared to contemplate and execute your exit strategy
    • Wondering how to move the needle of your organization’s culture from toxic to constructive

    Should you move ahead slowly with the thinking of those who’ve brought you this far? Or reach out to bring in some who think differently, people who can both blend with, and, at the same time challenge traditional in-house thinking approaches?  It’s the dilemma we repeatedly see.

    That’s why Conbrio exists.  To reveal strategic solutions that provide the direction you need. We understand your organization is different…by definition.  Different people, culture and history.  Different capabilities, challenges and needs.  Hence, requiring different approaches to market forces and other outside trends.   

    For nearly two decades we have helped people in small, medium and large organizations in all three sectors:

    So we don’t provide THE answers.  It’s unlikely any one process or answer will reveal how to make sense of the signals you’re seeing at the crossroads.  Instead, we bring people, skill sets, processes and tools best suited to help lead you to the insights that crack the code and move forward.

    Truth be told, we applaud you.  Whether you’re a senior executive taking people in a new direction, an in-house change agent exploiting the latest technology, an entrepreneur choosing among new business models, an investor figuring out which ideas to bet on, a government manager seeking to bring progressive ideas to life.  Really, any leader looking to make a difference.

    We choose to make our living this way because leaders like you who are naturally collaborative, creative and courageous are the leaders who energize and excite us. Though your faith in others may leave some people bewildered and astonished, we find it admirable. We consider your use of anecdotes and colorful stories, your acceptance of open feedback, your natural optimism and your drive to make a difference inspiring. Your ability to think strategically, take action, build relationships and hold yourself accountable sets a positive example. It’s a privilege for us to serve interesting, good-hearted, fun-loving people like you.

    If you and your organization have hit a crossroads, or you know of a firm that could benefit from our expertise, let’s talk! (The initial conversation is free)