North Texas Tollway Authority

For the North Texas Tollway Authority, Conbrio Managing Principal Bill Bancroft led a multi-pronged project including strategic planning, change management, culture assessment and team performance.  Because board members and staff believed they were left out of the process to write the previous strategic plan, they had little time or interest in a new strategic planning initiative. However, because state statues require the NTTA to produce a plan every two year, they were obliged to come to the table. Using a graphic approach to strategic planning, Bill led the board through three sessions to write the current plan. He then led cross-enterprise staff teams and 11 department leader teams to flesh out plan details, plans for action and with some teams, team performance. He also led department teams in creating performance metrics and the senior staff in putting together a balanced scorecard. Concurrently, Conbrio conducted a thorough assessment of NTTA’s culture, working with the board and the senior staff to identify a new, desired culture. Conbrio conducted a similar culture assessment project for the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. Bill also worked with the NTTA senior staff, including the interim executive director, on change management process, especially focusing on communications to ensure changes envisioned in the strategic plan and the culture would be successfully implemented. Because of the thoroughness of the project work, the board chairman asked Conbrio to work with the board as part of its search for a new executive director. In addition, the agency was poised to move forward to implement its plan and make significant changes.


I had a chance to sit through a few of these strategic plans and have raised concerns about some in the past. I am going to say that this is, from my perspective, the best strategic planning effort that I’ve ever participated in during my tenure here at the NTTA. Bill, I appreciate your leadership and the whole process. The Board was engaged, involved, and provided direction. It’s a good process, the best process I’ve ever participated in. Thank you.

Alan E. Sims – Member, Board of Directors; North Texas Tollway Authority; City Manager, Cedar Hill, Texas