We support pathways to building a constructive performance culture.

What lies down the culture road? Culture eats strategy for breakfast every day of the week. It’s pretty much a given. Hence, it’s important to ask: Is your culture defensive, even toxic? Or is it constructive where people are engaged and comfortable giving their best? Is it calibrated for the tasks you do and the industry you’re in? Culture is one of the key levers leaders can use to get things done. It can be measured and managed. It’s the result of several components, chief among them clear articulation of an organization’s mission and laser-like focus on customer, client service. Culture seems like abstraction but leaders see the result of their current culture every day in how people in their organization do all the necessary every day activities driving an organization.

What we deliverChallenges you may be facing
Assessment of current versus ideal culturesKnowing how to measure what is and what needs changing
Change management projects aimed at all levels of your organizationLeading and managing culture change, including utilizing best processes and tools
Mission/vision workshops Clarifying objectives, priorities, and philosophy critical to positive culture change
Customer service understanding, including facilitated focus groupsUnderstanding customer needs. Designing changes to better meet those needs
Structure, systems, skills, qualities workshops and programsKnowing which of scores of possible culture change initiatives to start, continue and stop